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Overview of the Firm

Central Planet Repair LLC (CPR) is a Small Business Administration certified HUBZone small business enterprise, professional environmental services firm, offering high quality technical services to private, commercial, industrial, and government clients in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. We are customer-driven, providing innovative investigation and remedial services typically at costs lower than the traditional consulting firms.

CPR’s approach is to provide cost-effective regulatory strategy, planning, implementation, and management of any sized environmental project. We strive to provide the consistent, high quality, responsive, and low cost services associated with smaller firms, but with the depth and expertise of large traditional consulting firms.

Our experience is that this approach sharpens and maintains the customer’s focus and primary objectives. This continual focus on the ultimate objectives of the project provides the key link to implementing our innovative strategies and making them successful.

CPR’s fee structure provides personalized cost effective service to our customers by taking a practical approach to the idea of environmental science and engineering. We believe that it is unfair to charge inflated rates for inexperienced personnel to perform tasks for which they are unqualified. Our fee schedule enables highly experienced personnel to participate in all aspects of a particular project.