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Areas of Expertise


CPR’s core business is the environmental field. Our work consists of the assessment, investigation, design of remediation systems, and cleaning up contaminated sites. Additionally, CPR engages in the developing, permitting, implementing, and evaluating hazardous and solid waste management systems. Key environmental services that we provide our clients include the following areas of expertise:

  • ASTM Compliant Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments
  • Site Investigations for Soil and Groundwater Issues
  • Remediation Design and Implementation
  • Cost Evaluation and Risk Management
  • Underground Storage Tank Issues
  • Risk Based Corrective Action
  • Environmental Restoration and Cleanup
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Applied Geochemistry and Radiochemistry
  • Computer Database and Web Development
  • Mold and Bioaerosol Services
  • Asbestos and Lead Paint Services
  • Government Services
  • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery



CPR's environmental experience in petroleum remediation has provided expertise in secondary and tertiary recovery methods such as flow surcharging and microbial enhanced oil recovery.


Services We Provide

  • Phase I environmental site assessments, and surveys
  • Site history and regulatory agency research
  • Identification of potential environmental liabilities
  • Support for property acquisition
  • Phase II site investigations
  • Recommendations for further investigations or remediation
  • Preliminary assessments and site characterization
  • Multimedia sampling investigation
  • Data collection, analysis, and validation
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Innovative technology evaluation and implementation
  • Groundwater well installation and sampling
  • Remedial investigation/feasibility study
  • Remedial design and remedial action
  • Regulatory agency coordination
  • Use of bioremediation augmented with
    • In-Situ Submerged Oxygen Curtains
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Nitrate addition
    • Air sparging
  • Soil Removal
  • Injection of Oxygen Releasing Compound and RegenOX
  • Human health risk assessments
  • Chemical toxicity and exposure evaluations
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Ecosystem and contaminant transport modeling
  • Threatened and endangered species evaluations
  • Risk-based cleanup guidelines
  • Natural resource damage assessments
  • UST management plans and monitoring programs
  • Tank retrofits and leak detection systems
  • Compliance audits
  • Site assessments
  • Tank removal actions
  • Contamination investigation, remediation, and closure
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Compliance Audits
  • Solid Waste Permitting
  • SARA Title III Permitting and Form R Preparation
  • Experimental and Theoretical Geochemistry
  • Radiochemistry Interpretation
  • Design and Conductance of Radiological Assessments to MARSSIMS standards
  • Database Management
  • Data Manipulation
  • GIS
  • Website Development
  • Geochronology
  • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Wetlands Design and Management